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Rammohan College

Rammohan College

A Unit of Brahmo Samaj Education Society
NAAC Re-Accredited B++ College

Raja Rammhan Roy

Vision, Mission & Goal

College Vision

The founding father of the college had a clear vision before them which ‘is to promote’ the cause of education in its highest and widest sense. There is always the striving to impact holistic education which would be a comprehensive training of mind and body. Such an enriching exercise can only be achieved on an ethical basis ‘conducive to the good of man and glory of God’. The college has always stood firm in its quest for the perfect balance between western ideas of pedagogy and technology on one hand and India’s own rich cultural traditions on the other.

College Mission & Goal

More than half of the century has passed since the Rammohan College started on its noble mission of providing quality education at the degree level to woman in the city, its suburbs and to students from other states irrespective of race, religion or caste. It has forever been the motto of the college to strengthen the young girl students with more than just text –book oriented knowledge. Instead, the focus in on her empowerment through value based teaching, dependence on rational thinking, self –reliant approach to life and a deep sense of responsibility towards society.