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Rammohan College

Rammohan College

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Raja Rammhan Roy

Department of Commerce

About the Department

“Commerce without morality is a sin”- by Frederick Lewis Donaldson in Westminster Abbey, London, on March 20, 1925.

In pursuance to the above motto with strong determination, Rammohan College has set up commerce Department with two courses of one section each i.e. B.Com (General) and B.Com (Honors). Commerce is the largest single disciplinary department of the College with annual average student strength of 700 .Our aim is to form young Women of Competence, Commitment, Conscience and Compassion. Today, commerce is not just a discipline and dissemination of knowledge, but equipping the students with appropriate commerce skills and ability to take up new challenges for contributing to the society as well as fulfilling their career dreams.

The Department has 7 faculties who are wholly responsible for taking the classes. Along with it gets the active support of Economics, Mathematics and Vernacular Department for the required subjects.

If we have to define the department in a nutshell, we would say the inherent bond that exists between the Faculties and the students. Obviously, in the pandemic situation converting from the normal class room teaching to online teaching was a real challenge. It was a first time for everybody. The yardstick and Standard Operating Practices (SOP) were not defined. But credit goes to entire faculties as well as the students who made this challenge a reality. Let’s describe different aspects of the department.


The Department has 7 faculties in all. There is a varied blend of youth and experience. There are Faculties who have experience of over 30 years while there are others who have experience of 30 months. There are Doctorate Degree Holders, Professional Degree Qualified faculties as well as Post Graduate Qualified ones as well.

There has been a continuous learning process in the entire faculty team. Some do have connection with the corporate world. They bring in an industrial experience and a feel to the student of the practical challenges.


The students are the pivotal point of the entire curriculum. The process of online learning wouldn’t have been possible without the activeness of the participants. They had challenges at their personnel front such as availability of handsets, Data availability, Network Connectivity, etc. But this did not undermine their enthusiasm to learn. They fully cooperated with the faculties. The students raised doubts wherever they found difficulty in understanding. The faculties tried their level best to provide the solutions. It was indeed a learning experience.


The online teaching did bring in a new dynamic which was never thought of normal class room teaching. The Chalk, Duster, Black Board, Attendance Register was replaced by Data Usage, Network Availability, Internet Service Provider (ISP), WIFI (Wireless Internet Service), Smart Phones, Online Portals-Google Meet, Zoom etc.

To be honest it was a real challenge. It was a new arena for faculties who have spent more than 30 years in class room teaching. Many students did find difficult to join due to constrained of smart phones.

Information Technology Laboratory

We do have a well-equipped Departmental IT Lab exclusively for the Commerce department in the new building. All the desktops are with up to date Operating system and Antivirus software. Internet Connectivity is also there along with availability of printer for print out of documents. Though, in this semester the students didn’t had the opportunity to have their classes in the lab. But post Covid  when  we would be back in the campus the students will get the opportunity.

Social Media Group

The discussion in the online classes was not just restricted to the deliberation of lecture. But separate WhatsApp groups were created for each semester along with the faculty unit which helped to share Pdf notes and Audio commentaries. It provided leverage to the students to provide queries of different students. The faculties also shared information with the students.

Thus, learning has reached a new horizon in the last semester. It was a true learning process for all of us. We did faced challenges and also learned quite few things. This entire length has increased the tech savvy mode of all. In the next session, online classes will be arranged in a more organized and planned manner to benefit most of the students.

May, be even when the situation normalizes the online mode will facilitate the students in their studies along with the traditional class room mode.

Academic Programs

  • Three years Honours Degree Course (C.U. Syllabus).
  • Three year General Degree Course

Present Faculty UG/PG section

Smt. Sampa Biswas
M.Com, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor
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Sri. Tapas Narayan Ray
M.Com, M.Phil.,
Associate Professor and HOD
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Sri. Samrat Dhar
M.Com, M.Phil., ACS,
Part-Time Lecturer
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Sri. Anjan Niyogi
M.Com, M.Phil., ACMA, ADMA, FCMA
Guest Lecturer
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Smt. Pallabi Sanyal Chakraborty
Guest Lecturer
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Sri. Sayan Basu
M.Com, M.Phil, MBA, PGd(FM)
Guest Lecturer
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Smt. Mandira Saha

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